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The exciting launch of our new website seems a fitting moment to re-cap on where our business has come from, and our aspirations for the future. 
When I established Pearson Electrical, and its sister company Humber Rewind, I had decades of hands-on skill, hard work and determination – and a sketchy but powerful vision on my side. 
However, the way both companies have developed in the years since has exceeded even my wildest imaginings and I’m very grateful to everyone who has played a part in that success and continues to do so, from our loyal clients and employees to partner organisations like Greenport Hull. 
Not only do they reflect my own commitment, they wholeheartedly believe in our potential for success and so help us to make it happen. 
Where we’re at..... 
We’ve been fortunate to agree some of our biggest partnerships ever in recent months, including: 
• Electrical maintenance of Siemens’ imposing A2Sea vessel, which has begun transporting wind turbines manufactured at Hull’s Hedon Road plant out to Europe 
• Servicing of the thousands of wind turbines being installed along the UK’s East Coast, in collaboration with RTS Wind Ltd 
• Upgrading of the YorkBoat city cruise vessels 
• Supporting the trawler fleet manufactured by Parkol Marine Engineering in Whitby, North Yorkshire. 
This kind of contract – and our partnership with the Green Port Hull Humber energy estuary collaboration – has seen our business grow fivefold in the past three years, with 15 employees compared to three originally. 
Where we’re going 
We have similarly high hopes for the future, fuelled partly by the extraordinary transformation under way in our city region, thanks partly to the momentous Hull, City of Culture 2017 title, which is creating an unprecedented amount of knock-on opportunities. 
Fundamental to our plans is continuing to offer unrivalled expertise, quality, end-to-end personal service, impressive knowledge and industry-leading accreditations, coupled with high integrity and innovation. 
Relationships and word-of mouth recommendation are the bedrock of our business and we hope to deepen and extend these through an integrated Marketing & PR campaign, starting with this site. As well as shining a spotlight on Pearson Electrical, we will be providing regular news and commentary on the latest developments affecting the commercial electrical industry, over the coming months, including new trends and regulatory requirements, and useful hints and tips to help your business. 
Giving something back to our local area is also something very close to our hearts. Our brand of expertise is in shorter and shorter supply and there is an urgent need to upskill the workforce of the future, to support continued growth. Not only that, but we are committed to creating opportunity for young people in our city region, as they represent all our futures. 
What’s in store for our industry and local economy? 
I believe renewables are the single biggest opportunity facing the specialist electrical field for the next few decades. 
The Government has set a target of installing 3,000 wind turbines along the East Coast of Britain alone – a process that will keep many of us very busy until at least 2022. 
However, there will be other developments in the battle to make the UK more energy efficient, such as tidal power and biofuels, and who knows what else will emerge beyond that? Hull is ideally situated, because of its location close to the confluence of sea, river and estuary, to be a European hub for such industries, spurred on by the Hull Green Ports initiative. 
Linked to sustainability is the need for repair solutions that save industry money and avoid unnecessary waste. Through our sister company Humber Rewind Limited, we will continue to develop solutions that keep equipment running efficiently, repairing rather than replacing wherever possible. 
In terms of marine engineering, I believe there are also some encouraging signs. These include the growth of traditional trawler fleets in areas like Whitby, despite the scaling-back of the UK fishing industry elsewhere due to regulation and depleted stocks. Parkol Marine Engineering, which manufactures and maintains the North of England and Scotland trawler fleet, is a prime example of a company that is enjoying burgeoning success as a result. 
It is to be hoped that the positive profile surrounding the City of Culture mantel will have a positive knock-on effect on the Hull and Humber shipping industry in particular – fishing, tourism and trade – after years of relative decline. In our region, we will see the continued expansion of manufacturing on the back of the Siemens investment – due to the confidence their presence in the city generates and the spin off business it creates for other firms. I think it will also encourage other firms that produce goods for Siemens to relocate here. 
Of course, uncertainty still remains over wider political and economical developments like Brexit. However, whatever happens I firmly believe there will be new opportunities for marine-focused businesses, particularly those that – like us – adapt their capabilities to the evolving technologies. 
Parting words 
My goal is for Pearson Electrical to be the first contractor companies in any sector think of when they need help with their installations, troubleshooting and ongoing maintenance. Our blend of expertise, experience and accreditations speak for themselves, with the added advantage that we are pleasant to deal with and offer an exceptional, end-to-end personal service. 
My main motivation when I started Pearson Electrical all those years ago, was to provide employment and give our talented team a solid and dependable income. Now that we’ve achieved that, I want to give them a future, by upskilling them to be the best in the business – complete with the very latest training in the most advanced skills – as a highly ethical local employer. 
I hope we will continue to expand our workforce in the months and years ahead, offering outstanding opportunities to even more capable people. 
The possibilities are limited only by our imaginations and, at Pearson Electrical, we are determined to ensure our capabilities keep pace with the many opportunities facing our region. 
We offer specialist electrical support, maintenance and servicing to businesses from independent fuel stations to major manufacturers and the offshore and marine industries. If you require specific help or would benefit from our free audit of your electrical installations, call us on (01482) 225080. 
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